Hi, I am Brittany.

I am an award winning photographer from the United States and have been pursuing photography for going on twelve years! I started Eleven Photography six years ago after returning from a year long missions trip around the world. I am a wife to Jacob, my second shooter, and was married in 2015 on a farm that my grandparents owned my entire childhood. I dreamt of getting married by the pond and gazebo, under the willow trees...and thats what we did! Jaxon made me a mom in 2016, and his sister, Estelle, was born in 2019! We have two sweet pups, a Golden Retriever/Lab mix named Josie, and a Corgi named Penny. I love what most children of the 90's love: Harry Potter, 'Boy Meets World' reruns, reminiscing on the simpler times of Furbies and the original Sims, etc. I also enjoy Schitt's Creek, Game of Thrones, Outlander, The Handmaids Tale, and all Marvel movies. I traveled the world in 2013-14 to 11 different countries around the world on a trip called The World Race (visiting Southeast Asia, Eastern Africa, and Central America). Working at a special needs orphanage in India was by far my favorite. I am a huge fan of all things caffeinated. Heavily caffeinated. I was born in Connecticut, grew up a Michigander, did a brief stint in Arizona, and now makes Cedar Springs, Michigan home! Capturing weddings and such special moments has been a lifelong dream of mine. I am so thankful that I get to do what I love...and with the man I love! I can't wait to meet you and capture your love stories!

Meet my crew...

Jacob - Second Shooter

  • Began his photography career six years ago!
  • UofM fan is an understatement...
  • Enjoys all things sports and ESPN. You can often find him (wishing he were) golfing or watching sports center at any given moment.
  • Graduated from Davenport University.
  • Enjoys being outdoors; He loves to hunt as often as he can!
  • Waited 11 months for me to return from her World Race and proposed a month later in Traverse City...such a romantic!
  • Has been happily married to me since May 2015.
  • Grew up in Hartland, MI, did a brief stint in Grand Rapids, MI where he yours truly! Is now back on the west side, doing life in Cedar Springs, MI.
  • Became a daddy in 2016.
  • Became a daddy again in 2019.
  • Loves to assist his wife and continue to learn photography each and every wedding!

Estelle -

AKA : Assistant to the Assistant (to the) regional manager - Stella, Stell-Bell, Stelly Belly, Stelly Bean, Bean, Beanie Baby, Bell, Stella Bella, Stell-belany, Nugget, Baby Cakes, Punkie doodle, Chunka Munka, etc. 

  • Born on her great Grama’s birthday!
  • Favorites include pomegranate seeds, whatever I'm eating and cheese.
  • Loves Frozen 2 like it’s her job. “Selsa” is her hero…and she has ALLLLL of the frozen clothing that exists to prove it.
  • Likes to sing along to music, any kind really, but mostly Elsa and “Into the Unknown”. Also a big dancer!
  • Is a total mama’s girl.
  • Not sold on the whole carseat thing…still.
  • Is off the charts tall. Like her brother. We don’t get to have babies in this family. They go from newborn to giant in 4 minutes.
  • Started standing at seven months and walking at 9 months.
  • Is happiest when fake laughing, watching Frozen 2, going down the slide, interrupting whatever I’m doing, and having everyones attention all at once.

Jaxon -

Assistant (to the) regional manager + Ham Extraordinaire

  • Mostly likes being a big brother...mostly...
  • Has had a crocheted camera since birth, his parents have high hopes for his photography future.
  • Loves 'Blippi', the music is stuck in my head forever now...he also loves "Choo Choo Bob", Olaf from Frozen, the "Cars"/"Planes" movies, and "The Polar Express".
  • Loves and rocks Buffalo Plaid, anything River Babe Threads, and Cat & Jack almost daily, he is our trendy little 'LumberJax'.
  • He enjoys being outside and being in the water and snow and loves playing with his neighborhood friends! His favorite bands/artists are: The beatles, Eric Church, and John Denver.
  • Hangs out with Grama or Grammie on days when mommy and daddy are working.
  • Total gear head, loves bikes, trains, cars, planes, anything with wheels. "Bike" was his second word he ever said. No joke. Although “excavator” and “backhoe” followed quickly behind.
  • Cookies are his jam, but he also loves macaroni and cheese, pizza, broccoli, and salad. That's about it (I feel good about the broccoli and salad part though…).
  • He's been walking since 9 months old. Our house is incredibly baby-proofed.
  • He is a momma's boy, and loves to make sure she has all hands on deck at all times!

Josie + Penny

  • Josie - Born on 11/11/17. Penny - 6/1/2019.
  • Josie is 1/2 Golden Retriever and 1/2 Chocolate Labrador retriever. Penny is 100% Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
  • Josie wishes she were a pair slippers and likes to lay on feet. Penny wishes she were a facemask and likes to lay as close as possible.
  • Josie has paws that are too big for her lanky legs, still. Penny has little paws for her stubby legs...which works out great.
  • Their best friend's name is Harbaugh, a Great Dane who is also our neighbors pup.
  • The couch is Josie's. And Jo's alone. Unless her dad needs a spot, then she lays on him…on the couch.
  • Penny's short legs do not inhibit her from doing anything. Including jumping on the counter for any lonely food that the kids leave.
  • If chewing sticks were an Olympic sport, and 60lb, goober, Goldadors were allowed to compete, Josie would be a gold medalist, for sure. Penny a silver medalist, more than likely.
  • They adore "their boy and girl” and put up with a LOT of loving abuse…afterall, the kids feed them well.

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